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Xinxing TianZhu
  • Name: Xinxing TianZhu
  • Location: Ankang
  • Type of Products: Residential
  • Completion Date: 2012-2015
Xinxing Tianzhu locates at the east part of Ankang high-tech zone, north to the bridge of Huayuangou. The project covers 74,857 square meters, with GFA totaled 243,152 square meters, including 19 high rises and a Spanish style commercial plaza covering more than 23,000 square meters. The plot ratio is 3.4, and landscaping ratio exceeds 35%. The project is positioned to be quality residential project with high end commercial center.
Xinxing Tianzhu is a Art-Deco style community, featured with modern European elements. After consideration of locate terrain, the company imported various of trees, bush, plants, and water scenes, making a stereo community with layers and full of Spanish garden style. Customers can enjoy Mediterranean scenery in the project.
The project started presale in the fourth quarter of 2012.