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Park Plaza
  • Name: Park Plaza
  • Location: Xi'an
  • Type of Products: Residential
  • Construction Period :  2012-2014
  • Pre-sale Commencement Date: 1Q 2013
In July 2009, the Company entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire 44,250 square meters of land in the center of Xi’an for the Park Plaza project. In March 2011, the Company officially acquired the land use right for Park Plaza. The Company intends to develop a large mid-upper income residential and commercial development project on this site, with a gross floor area of 141,822 square meters. The four-year construction of Park Plaza began in the first quarter 2012. We started pre-sale in the first quarter of 2013, and revenues from pre-sale agreements will begin to be recognized when all revenue recognition criteria have been met. The total revenue from Park Plaza is estimated to be $154 million.
Project progress