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Tsining Hanyuan
  • Name: Tsining Hanyuan
  • Location: Xi'an
  • Type of Products: Residential
  • Completion Date: Dec 2003
Tsining Hanyuan at 6 East Youyi Road, Xi'an. Construction started in February 2002 and was completed in December 2003. Hanyuan is a 374,985 square feet residential complex, located in the south of Xi'an, that is noted for schools and universities. It is consists of 238 two and three bedroom residential apartments (ranging from 1,140 to 1,800 square feet in size) in a total of 338,788 square feet, plus 36,196 square feet of commercial space. The residential apartments were sold at an average price of US$45 per square foot, generating total revenues of US$15.16 million. Of the commercial space, 23% was sold and 77% became rental units and our company offices.