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We are a leading residential developer with a focus on fast growing Tier II and Tier III cities in Western China. We are dedicated to providing quality and affordable housing to middle class families. The majority of our customers are first time home buyers and first time up-graders, who, we believe, will benefit from China's rapid gross domestic product ("GDP") growth and the middle classes' corresponding increase in purchasing power. Since 1992, China Housing has been engaged in the acquisition, development, management, and sales of residential and commercial real estate properties and land through its wholly-owned subsidiaries in China.

We acquire our land reserves and development sites through primary land development with the local government, open-market auctions and acquisition of old factories from the government and distressed assets from commercial banks. We do not depend on a single land acquisition method and this facilitates our acquisition of the land at a reasonable cost and also in receiving higher returns on our investments from our developments. We intend to continue our expansion into other strategically selected cities in Western China by leveraging our brand name and scalable business model.


Located in Xi'an, China Housing & Land Development is a leading real estate developer of residential and commercial buildings and land in northwest China.

Investment highlights

  • China Housing & Land Development is the leading residential real estate development company in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China.
  • Favorable market growth and demographic trends in Shaanxi Province are driving the company's substantial pipeline of residential and commercial development projects.
  • The company's preeminent position in residential housing development is permitting the company to increase its penetration in the residential and commercial property development market in Shaanxi Province.
  • The company's competitive advantages include an eight year history of market leadership, brand recognition, and established relationships with key decision makers, as well as an unblemished record of outstanding architecture, engineering, and construction.
  • The company enjoys a good depth of management and technical expertise.
  • Company leaders own significant shares.
  • The company expects to continue its strong operations, to gradually accelerate its long-term revenue and earnings growth, and to boost its potential for sustained attractive long-term returns on investment.
  • The company reports using U.S. GAAP accounting and complies with all SEC reporting requirements. Its independent auditor is MSCM LLP in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; the firm was previously named Moore Stephens Cooper Molyneux LLP.